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Growin' Up (Iron Man/Fantastic Four, gen)

Title: Growin’ Up
Author: harmonyangel
Crossover: Fantastic Four and Iron Man
Characters: Tony, Reed, cameos from the rest of the Fantastic Four. Gen with some canon Reed/Sue.
Word Count: 3,400
Recipient: inlovewithnight
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Request: Reed and Tony, gen or slash. They're the smartest men in the world. And completely dysfunctional in completely different ways. There should be something with that.
Summary: Four times Tony Stark saved Reed Richards’ life, and one time it was the other way around.
Author’s Notes: Many thanks to second_batgirl for beta and hand-holding, and to likeadeuce and transemacabre for encouragement and feedback along the way. Title and section headers are from Bruce Springsteen’s “Growin’ Up.” Also, I haven’t taken a real science class since high school, so forgive me if my scientific mumbo-jumbo is a little less than plausible. It’s comic books, right?

Growin' Up
Iron Man: Tony Stark

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Marvel Movies Crossover Ficathon: Rules and Sign Ups

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