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Marvel Movies Crossover Ficathon
Xmen: Brand
Hi folks!

I've been pondering the non-Marvel crossover option and have come to a decision about it.

I will be allowing ONE non-Marvel movie crossover request, but the crossover must be with another Comic Book movie. The whole point of this ficathon is that all the source material was supposed to easily consumable. That way, if anyone gets a request for a crossover involving a movie they've not seen, it's only a 2ish hour commitment!

I would be curious to hear suggestions for non-Marvel comics movies to be allowed. (Think Batman, Dark Knight, Watchmen, Kick Ass.)

Lastly, if anyone is willing to volunteer as co-Mod, I'm interested! Please let me know. :)
11th-May-2010 12:48 am - Tentative Schedule
Xmen: Iceman
Okay! Enough people seemed interested that we will indeed be having the marvel_crossing ficathon again this year!

I am tentatively scheduling as follows:

Sign Ups: June 14-25
Assignments Out: First week in July
Fics Due: August 6
Pinch Hits: August 7-15
Ficathon Goes Live: August 16

For my own sanity, I'm going to change a tiny bit of what goes on behind the scenes. Mainly, if your fic isn't into me on the 6th of August, a pinch hit will go out. I do not care if *I* am the author who's late - PINCH HIT.

Last year's delays stressed me out. I think this will work better.

Also, since last year had the bizarre happening where someone sent me a draft, but never bothered to post, fics will go into a queue on the 6th, which I will open on the 16.

I have tried to work around schedules - especially if people have told me that they plan to participate and that they have conflicts, but this is about the best I can do.

DATES ARE STILL SUBJECT TO CHANGE. But they probably won't by much...

If you have any MAJOR problems with this, please let me know. :)
20th-Apr-2010 06:22 pm - Gauging Interest
Xmen: Iceman
I am curious to see if anyone is interested in participating in this ficathon again this year. It definitely won't be held until after Iron Man 2, but if you are interested, when would you be interested in seeing it held?

Lastly, I'm toying with the idea of allowing one crossover idea that is NOT between Marvel Movies. Would that be of interest? Or would you rather see something else totally dealing with Marvel/non-Marvel crossovers?

Ironman stark
Title: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Author: st_aurafina
Rating: PG
Fandom: X-Men/Iron Man
Summary: A protest at Stark Industries proves unexpectedly enlightening for Tony.
Prompt: The X-Men need Tony Stark's support for something. Jean and Pepper bond over Tony being an idiot.
Notes: Set before X-Men 2 and the Iron Man movie. Written for marvel_crossing, for second_batgirl.
(Tthank you to lilacsigil and ficwize for beta-reading.)

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?
Title: Endless Possibilities
Author: rocaw
Crossover: X-men/Daredevil
Characters: Matt Murdock, Scott Summers, Ororo Munroe, Foggy Nelson, Jean Grey, Charles Xavier
Word Count: 1684
Recipient: lilacsigil
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Author's Notes: marvel_crossing pinch hit. For lilacsigil! Really hope you like! Prompt: There's a new superhero in New York, and Charles Xavier sends the most appropriate X-Man to check him out. Takes place post-DD and pre-X1. There’s a little bit of comic canon thrown in, too.

Endless Possibilities
Title: A Thousand Pages
Author: tartanshell
Crossover: X-Men/Daredevil (Scott Summers and Matt Murdock)
Recipient: joanne_c, who wanted slash or gen featuring Matt and Scott interacting.
Rating: PG
Word count: 6,250
Summary: My brothers, they never went blind for what they did, but I may as well have/ In the name of the Father, the skeptic, and the Son, I had one more stupid question... You know how those Catholic boys can be. Matt Murdock gets a pen-pal.
Author's notes: joanne_c, I'm so sorry this is late! This story plays fast and loose with comics canon, but since this is movieverse, I figured I could Make Stuff Up, Dammit. ;) Takes place pre-X1, pre-Daredevil. The summary is taken from "Forgiven" by Alanis Morissette.

A Thousand PagesCollapse )
SV: Lois I
Title: The Mutant Problem
Author: Katt (xenokattz)
Crossover: Spider-Man/X-Men movies crossover
Characters: Peter Parker + cast of dozens
Word count: 7900
Recipient: smirnoffmule (with apologies for being late)
Rating: Teen(strong language)
Prompt: Jonah Jameson asks Peter to get some shots for a story on the "mutant problem."
Story Summary: A week after Black Tuesday's telepathic attack on the world, Peter Parker took some pictures for a story on "the mutant problem." Ten years later, he's still taking pictures. The only difference is his definition of "the problem."

The Mutant Problem
a photographic editorial by Peter Parker
3rd-Aug-2009 06:01 pm - Tags Through Time (Rogue/Gambit)
Title: Tags Through Time
Author: rocaw
Crossover: X3/XO:Wolverine
Characters: Rogue, Gambit, Storm, wee!Forge, Jubilee, various X-men
Word Count: 3564
Recipient: ragingpie
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Author's Notes: For ragingpie! Hope you like it! =D Prompt: "I've seen tags like those before." Takes place post X3 and towards the end of XO: Wolverine. Also, many, many thanks to comeon_eileen for the beta! You rule! =)

Tags Through Time
iron man downey
Title: Six Televised Moments in the Very Public Life of Warren Worthington the Third
Author: likeadeuce aka Karabair
Written for handyhunter in marvel_crossing
Prompt: What the rich can get away with, publicity stunts, fathers.
Fandom: X-Men movieverse/Iron Man movieverse
Characters: Warren Worthington III + Tony Stark + others (Pepper Potts, Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, Christine Everhart and, for some reason, Dazzler, all show up in this)
Word count: ~3,500

FIC: Six Televised Moments in the Very Public Life of Warren Worthington the Third"
2nd-Aug-2009 05:27 pm - Drawing to a Close
Xmen: Brand
Thank you so much to everyone who has posted their fics already! I have only had the chance to read a few, but they have been very good. I can't wait to read the rest!

There are several fics still outstanding. If you are waiting for a fic, please rest assured that I have conferred with all the authors and there are fics on the way.

Authors, if you're not going to be able to post within the next 24 hours (by the end of Monday night), please let me know. I will be assigning pinch hits if I do not hear from you.

For now, keep the fics rolling and if you haven't had a chance to read much yet, you are in for a real treat!
2nd-Aug-2009 11:53 pm - Fic: The one that didn't go well
Title: The one that didn't go well.
Author: modestroad
Crossover: Iron Man/Daredevil
Recipient: pdantzer
Characters: Tony Stark, Matt Murdock, Pepper Potts.
Warnings: None.
Author's Notes: The prompt was: Tony Stark looks upMatt Murdock and wants to help support him with eye surgery to repairhis sight, not realizing that Matt is Daredevil who sees in specialway. Thanks to Layna for the beta work!

the one that didn't go wellCollapse )
1st-Aug-2009 09:56 pm - Fic: Duty and Honor
Marvel - Girl Comics
Title: Duty and Honor
Author: second_batgirl
Crossover: Iron Man/Wolverine: Origins
Recipient: wiredferret
Rating: PG
Warnings: None I can think of
Request: Rhodey doesn't like everything his country asks him to do.
Author's Notes: So many thanks to ficwize for making this a million times better than when I started it.

Duty and Honor
1st-Aug-2009 09:35 pm - FIC: Her Place in the World
Iron Man: Pepper Potts Kicks Ass
Title: Her Place in the World
Author: ficwize
Recipient: Written for xenokattz for marvel_crossing ficathon.
Fandom: X-men Movieverse/Iron Man Movieverse
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Extrapolation of characteristics from only vague movieverse facts. (Or, I don't know Pepper that well and did my best to fake it.) Allusions to movie violence.
Summary: Pepper Potts figures out her place in the world. And it's no where that she thought it would be.
Disclaimer: I don't own either fandom and don't make money doing this.
A/N: Many thanks to pdantzerl2 and second_batgirl for both holding my hand as I wrote and then for the beta reading. All remaining errors are mine. Also, I totally fail at being timly for my own ficathon. So sorry!

Her Place in the World
thumbs up
Title: "All the Kings Horses"
Author: ragingpie
Crossover: Ghost Rider/Blade: Trinity
Recipient: tyloric
Rating: PG-13 for naughty words and sexual references
Warnings: none
Specific Request: Ghost Rider, for one reason or another, kicks some Vampire ass and the team encounters the giant skeleton man and don't know what to think.
Author's Notes: There's a distinct lack of vampires in this story. I sincerely hope tyloric enjoys it anyway.

What to hunt when you've run out of vampires.
Title: Faster Than Angels Fly
Author: wiredferret
Crossover: XMO/X2
Recipient: ion_bond
Rating: R
Warnings: Implications of sex
Prompt: Logan has never met him before, as far as he can remember. Remy is playing his cards close to the vest, but Scott notices how strange he's acting ... 
If you're going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance.

Some souls only know one speed
Faster than angels fly

It's a long flightCollapse )
Blue Rose by My Utopia
Title: Unexpected Afternoon
Author: joanne_c
Crossover: X-Men/Daredevil
Pairing: Jean Grey/Matt Murdock
Recipient: modestroad
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Author's Notes: The prompt was: Jean and Matt are forced to share a taxi. They end up spending the afternoon together.
Summary: Sometimes, the unexpected leads to wonderful things.

Unexpected AfternoonCollapse )
1st-Aug-2009 05:33 am - Fic: Above the Rain
Title: Above the Rain
Author: smirnoffmule
Crossover: Iron Man/ X-men Origins: Wolverine
Recipient: likeadeuce
Rating: R
Characters: James Rhodes, Bradley, Wade.
Warnings: Fudged helicopter science.
Summary: A young James Rhodes learns some things they never taught him in flight school.
Notes: Thanks to voorishsign for letting me pick his brains.

(Above the Rain)
Title: Seduction of the Somewhat Innocent

Author: pdantzler2

Crossover: Iron Man and Spider-Man

Recipient: liliaeth

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Lots of graphic sex.

Request: Tony falls for Peter as Spider-Man, and thinks he might be interested because of Spidey's habit to flirt, even with the bad guys. He's surprised to find out that Peter's straight and sets out to convince him otherwise.

Author's Notes: Sorry, guys, I got started and I couldn’t stop with the porn. Tony made me do it. This is my first time writing explicit sex so don’t judge me too hard. This is supposed to take place after Iron Man and Spider Man 2.
liliaeth, sorry I read the prompt wrong and then it was too late to change my story. Tony meets Peter as Peter, not Spider-Man. Hope that’s okay.

I like sex – plain and simple.
(random) red shoes
Title: The (extra)Ordinary Life of Stan Lee
Author: eldee
Crossover: Origins: Wolverine / X-Men: The Last Stand / X-Men / Spider-Man / Fantastic Four II / The Incredible Hulk
Recipient: harmonyangel
Rating: G
Warnings: Marvel owns it... AND THIS IS FICTIONAL. This is not Stan Lee's real life. I do not own Stan Lee. I don't even know him! And I'm not making any money off this.
Notes: Have I mentioned this is FICTIONAL? Because it really is. Based on the cameos of Stan Lee, as if he was the same character in all the films. (Well, some of the films. I did what I could!) There is also a great vid here at YouTube that shows all of Stan Lee's cameos, which was a great resource for me. Anyway, I tried, and I hope you enjoy it, harmonyangel!! Many thanks to lonelywalker for the beta! <3

Growing up, Stan Lee thought of himself as an ordinary child.
Title: Black Tie
Author: Ion Bond (merctionicht@yahoo.com)
Crossover: Spider-Man/Daredevil/Iron Man/X-Men/Fantastic Four/The Incredible Hulk
Recipient: eldee
Rating: PG
Warnings: Comicverse cameos! Non-explicit mayhem!
Summary: A New York City-based charity is having its first annual fundraising banquet and silent auction. What could possibly go wrong?
Author's Notes: This story is very canon-light across the board, but is meant to take place post-Spider-Man 1, post-Daredevil, post-Iron Man, post-X2, post-Fantastic Four 1 and pre-The Incredible Hulk. Any character you recognize, I don’t own. Many thanks to lilacsigil for beta.

They were passing cocktail franks wrapped in puff-pastry on the other side of the room.
Ironman stark
Title: Playing Hard to Get
Crossover:X-Men/Iron Man
Author st_aurafina
Rating: PG
Characters: Tony Stark, Scott Summers
Recipient: ficwize (Thanks for putting this all together!)
Summary: Tony Stark is trying to break into superhero society. Scott Summers can't get away fast enough.
Notes: Written for marvel_crossing. Set after the events of X3 and Iron Man. Thanks to lilacsigil and likeadeuce for the beta.

Playing Hard to Get
Title: A Line to Keep Us Safe
For: marvel_crossing
Crossover: X3/Elektra
Recipient: alixtii
Characters: Rogue, Mystique, Elektra, Abby
Rating: PG
Warnings: Violence
Wordcount: 9200
Summary: When a new enemy threatens young mutants, Rogue and Mystique need to use all their abilities to save the day – but neither they nor their allies need mutant powers to do it.
Author's Notes: Thanks to st_aurafina for listening and reading!

A Line to Keep Us Safe

(Or on Dreamwidth, if you prefer!)
31st-Jul-2009 12:07 am - "System Restore" (X-Men/Iron Man)
mikey boy division
Title: System Restore
Author: inlovewithnight
Crossover: X-Men/Iron Man
Recipient: hockeyiris
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: Request was for an AU from the beginning of X3, with Scott and Tony.

System Restore
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