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Sign Ups Are Open!

Hi folks! I’m your moderator, ficwize. You can contact me at bewize @ yahoo . com (no spaces!). I'm still looking for a second mod, so if anyone is interested, please let me know! I'd really appreciate someone who is tech savvy enough to do things like… update the tags!

General Info

To sign up, you'll make four requests. For each one, you'll request a crossover of up to three movies or characters from various movies, or a pairing and a specific request or scenario. Your writer will pick one of your requests to write a story about. We ask that you keep your prompts vague enough to allow your writer to have fun, but don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, either.

This year, one of your requests may be crossing a Marvel movie with a non-Marvel-but-still-comic-book movie. (Batman: The Dark Knight/Iron Man, Kick Ass/Wolverine: Origins, etc.). It is important to note that this request will NOT be used to match you with your author. It is a wild card request and will be treated as such! For now, if the movie you'd like to use as your non-Marvel movie has a comic attached to it, it is a valid choice. If you do not want a non-Marvel crossover, you may request a fourth Marvel crossover instead.

You'll also list at least at least three movies (preferably five) that you are willing to write. Please do not list X-1,2,3 or Spidey 1,2,3 and think that you’re meeting the guidelines. You must pick at least two franchises (X-men, Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, etc.) to include, although more is better. (Keep in mind that the source material is only a few hours of commitment to absorb, too. So, stretch out, if need be!)

In addition to the movies, you may name characters, pairings or scenarios that you will not write. This is very important! If you are not willing to write Rhodey from Iron Man, then you need to make sure that you say that! If you don’t, and you receive a request asking for Rhodey, that will be YOUR problem, not mine. (Please don’t make it mine. You won’t like me if your problem becomes mine.) Likewise with slash, teacher/student, incest, etc. Be as specific as you need to be!

Finally, if you are willing to write comics characters that aren’t in the movie, please give me an indication of who that would be.

I reserve the right to beg you to change as need be, but I won’t force the issue. Last year, given the nature of the requests, I did end up with one person who was nearly impossible to match. So, please keep in mind that the more varied your requests, and the more generous your offers, the more fun this will be for me. *ahem*

All stories must be at least 1000 words.

Eligible Marvel Movies

X-men; X-2; X-3

Wolverine: Origins (This does not count as part of the X-men franchise for purposes of your requests. In other words, you may ask for Wolverine/X-men, provided that you are asking for some aspects to crossover. Wolverine and the X movies will not count as two separate franchises when it comes to what you are willing to write.)

Spiderman; Spiderman II; Spiderman III

Hulk; The Incredible Hulk

The Punisher; Punisher: War Zone



Fantastic Four; Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer

Iron Man; Iron Man 2

Ghost Rider

Blade; Blade II; Blade Trinity

Important Dates

Sign Ups: June 14-25
Assignments Out: First week in July
Fics Due: August 6
Pinch Hits: August 7-15
Ficathon Goes Live: August 16

Please Note: Depending on how many people sign up, I may change how the submissions are done. At this moment, I anticipate stories going into a moderated queue and being released when everyone has a story. I will make a final decision after the sign ups close, but this is the most likely way I will handle it.


Can I request the same movies, characters or pairings in all three of my requests?

Yes, but I would prefer it if you would request at least three distinct franchises over all to make it easier to place you. If you don’t, it may make it very difficult to place your requests with the authors.

I only read/write one franchise! Can I still sign up?

No, sorry. If you’re only willing to write one franchise (e.g. X-men, X-2, X-3), then this is not the ficathon for you. But that doesn't mean that requests like "What Magneto thought of the events of Iron Man." aren't allowed. So, creative crossing is encouraged!

I only write one character/pairing! Can I still sign up?

No. Sorry. The requirement of being willing to write at least two franchises (and hopefully more) means that I cannot promise to match you with your character of choice.

Can I request or offer to write 'any'?

Yes, but "any" means any. Please do not request or offer to write "any" unless you will really be happy with whatever you get.

Can I request movieverse events of as of yet unreleased Marvel movies?

Not yet. I'm as excited as anyone about the upcoming Captain America, Thor and Avengers movies, but this would make it impossible to match. So we are all going to practice a little patience.

Can I request movieverse versions of comicsverse characters?

Yes, but only one of your requests can involve a comicsverse character who has not yet appeared in the movieverse, because those requests are harder to match. If you're willing to write comicsverse characters, please say so in your sign-up.

Can I request crossovers?

Of course! Just remember, only one of your four requests may include a non-Marvel comic movie.

What should I do if I still have questions?

Please ask any questions about the rules or the sign-up process in comments to this post, and I'll answer them as soon as possible. I'll be making another post later explaining how to post your stories, so please hold off on questions about how to post.


Leave a comment here with the following information:

Author name:
LJ name:
Email address:

Movies to be crossed:
Character/pairing request 1:
Specific request:

Movies to be crossed:
Character/pairing request 2:
Specific request:

Movies to be crossed:
Character/pairing request 3:
Specific request:

Movies to be crossed:
Character/pairing request 4:
Specific request:

At least three movies you are willing to write about (from at least two different franchises):

Any non-Marvel comics movies you'd be willing to write:

Any comicsverse characters or pairings you are willing to write (imported into the movieverse):

Anything you will not write:
[ETA note: You won't be matched on any characters who DON'T appear in the movies, unless you specifically say you can write them. So there's no need to list characters you won't write unless they appear in the movies and you feel very very strongly about not writing them!]

Example sign-up:

Author name: Wizefics
LJ name: ficwize
Email address: bewize @ yahoo . com

Movies to be crossed: X-men (any)/Iron Man/The Incredible Hulk
Character/pairing request: Hank McCoy, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner
Specific request: I’d love to see these three characters interact as they all end up joining the Avengers. Perhaps a mission where they all participate. I’d prefer gen, but am not opposed to background relationships.

Movies to be crossed: X-2/Wolverine: Origins/ Iron Man
Character/pairing request: Stryker, Nick Fury
Specific request: Both characters work on special projects within the military. Do they know each other? Do they get along? Fury doesn’t seem to expend much energy on the “mutant problem” – what does he think of Stryker’s work?

Movies to be crossed: X-2/Daredevil
Character/pairing request: Scott Summers/Matt Murdock
Specific request: They both know what it is like to be a superhero with a disability. Discuss.

Movies to be crossed: Batman/Iron Man
Character/pairing request: Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark
Specific request: Only when their respective companies come into conflict do they really start to take notice of each other. Then they can't stop.

At least three movies you are willing to write about (from at least two different franchises): X-men (all), Iron Man, Spiderman 1 and 2, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, The Incredible Hulk, Wolverine: Origins

Any non-Marvel comics movies you'd be willing to write: Batman, The Dark Knight, Watchmen, Kick Ass, Terminator (1-4)

Any comicsverse characters or pairings you are willing to write (imported into the movieverse): Any character from Astonishing X-men, Captain America, Bucky Rogers, any character from the Avengers

Anything you will not write: Teacher/student, non-con, slash, Colossus from the X-men, Betty from The Incredible Hulk, character death

Thanks to the xmmficathon for providing a format for the rules, which I stole and tweaked.

Please leave your sign-ups or any questions in the comments!
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