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Fic: The one that didn't go well

Title: The one that didn't go well.
Author: modestroad
Crossover: Iron Man/Daredevil
Recipient: pdantzer
Characters: Tony Stark, Matt Murdock, Pepper Potts.
Warnings: None.
Author's Notes: The prompt was: Tony Stark looks upMatt Murdock and wants to help support him with eye surgery to repairhis sight, not realizing that Matt is Daredevil who sees in specialway. Thanks to Layna for the beta work!

The restaurant was expensive. Of course the restaurant was going to be expensive. He was having dinner with Tony Stark and Matt was wearing his most expensive costume, yet he was feeling like Tony’s Stark poor relative. Which he was in a way. Why he had agreed to come in the first place?

“More wine Mr. Murdock?” She - Tony had introduced her very formally as Ms. Potts, but there was a hint in his voice - reminded him of Karen, making him feel more uncomfortable that he already was.

“I’m not much of a drinker Ms. Potts,” Matt smiled and it came more natural that he could ever hope.

“That’s a pleasant surprise,” she said softly.

“Well,” Tony cleaned his throat, “Matt, can I call you Matt? I think it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. I took the liberty of reading your file - ”

“My file? My medical file?” Matt asked that a little louder than necessary, causing conversations around them to stop. Tony either didn’t notice it or didn’t care. Matt would bet on the second.

“As I was saying, I read your file and I believe that I have a solution to your problem.”

Matt said nothing for a good two minutes. Then he asked, “My problem?”

“Your sight Matt,” Tony must be leaning over the table because his voice was coming from a close distance. “I can fix your sight.”

Matt took a big breath. Fix his sight…For a very long time after his accident that was all he could think of. He could pray for the doctors to come to a solution but they never did and after a while he stopped praying. He could see after all, just in his own special way. But he couldn’t see colours. He could see everything else but colours, and he had to admit that he missed them.

“How?” He asked not sure if he wanted to know.

Tony took a sip from his glass. “Stark Industries - ”

Matt interrupted him. “How you manage to get hold of my file?”

“You are focusing on the wrong thing here, Mr. Murdock. What you should ask yourself is, what’s the first movie you’re going to see after the surgery, not how I got your file. I got it, it’s in the past and you should worry about the future.”

Yes, Matt should do just that, but for some reason he couldn’t get past the fact that Tony Stark had violated his privacy, even if it was for a good cause. Finding his sight again… what would that meant to him? For Tony it would be good publicity, especially after the accident in his factory not long ago, but for Matt? What would it mean for Matt? What would it mean for Daredevil?

Could he still be Daredevil if he could see? Would he have been Daredevil in the first place if he hadn’t lost his sight? He had lost something that day, but also he had gained something. It wasn’t his radar; maybe he always had that. People had a sixth sense, maybe his sixth sense was more sensitive that others. It wasn’t something he hadn’t thought of before.

“I’m not sure, I need to know…” he murmured, his appetite long lost.

“What? What do you need to know, more than you’re going to see again?” Tony said loudly, “What do you people need to know, more than your life is going to change for the best?”

Matt said nothing for a while. What did he want to know more? He wanted to know if he could still be Daredevil. He wanted to know that he could still make the jump if he could see the roadway from the rooftop. He wanted to know that he could still fight the bad guys if he could see the blood oozing from them. He wanted to know that he could still feel as free as he felt when he was wearing his costume.

Instead he asked, “What do you mean by ‘you’ people? Have you asked others before me?”

Matt was surprised when Tony said nothing instead left Potts to explain to him that he wasn’t the only one they had contacted. He was high on the list, but definitely not the only one. “The technology is quite new and we are approaching people that are willing to go a step further.”

“That’s your way to say that you are approaching people that have nothing else to lose.”

“You’re wrong,” Tony’s voice sounded exhausted and bitter.

“Am I?”

“We are approaching people that have something to win.”

Gotham City

“Are you sure you don’t have a twin brother?” Tony asked for the third time making Pepper roll her eyes. She could tell that he was still angry (and a bit frustrated) from the way last night’s meeting had gone. She knew that Tony was asking for too much.

“I think I’ll know if I had one, Sir.”

“Are you sure? Cause I swear he’s working as a lawyer in New York,” She was ready to ask him to stop when she saw that both men were smiling. Tony had the best smile and she had to pay attention more to the file in her hand and less to her boss. And that she was about to do, right now.

“What do you think Ms. Potts, do we have a change with the next one?”

“I doubt it,” she said honesty.

“You do, don’t you?” Again with that smile!

“I was right before, wasn’t I?”

“That you were. But you know what they say; justice is blind,” he smirked. “What more appropriate than a blind lawyer?”

“Just because the other kids don’t play with your toys that doesn’t give you the right to be all mean about it,” Pepper said playful. Then she sobered. “Have you thought that maybe you are asking too much from them? You are asking them to change their lives…again.”

“I did,” he said and helped her walk across the street.

“But they are not you.” When he said nothing Pepper knew that the conversation had come to the end. “Try to be subtle,” she warned him and hit the ring.

Yes? A voice asked from the commune link.

“Barbara Gordon?” Tony asked and winked at Pepper. “I’m here to change your life forever.”

So much for subtle!
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