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Unexpected Afternoon (X-Men/Daredevil, Matt/Jean, PG)

Title: Unexpected Afternoon
Author: joanne_c
Crossover: X-Men/Daredevil
Pairing: Jean Grey/Matt Murdock
Recipient: modestroad
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Author's Notes: The prompt was: Jean and Matt are forced to share a taxi. They end up spending the afternoon together.
Summary: Sometimes, the unexpected leads to wonderful things.

Jean didn't often practice at the hospital but just once in a blue moon, something would come up that just couldn't be handled in the lab, and she had just visited a patient, checking on him, and as she was out anyway, she'd agreed to pick up some papers from his lawyer's office for Charles.

She walked out and signaled a taxi, the last one there. And there was someone behind her who was trying to get it too, and she turned to politely ask them to get the next one.

Oh. He was blind, and had a cane. And was very good looking, at least if the parts around the dark glasses were anything to go by.

"Where are you headed?" Jean asked, impulsively. She never did impulsive.

His answer was right down the block from the building Jean was heading for anyway, so again, her impulses led. "You can share the cab with me if you want."

"Thanks, I don't know if I'd make it to my next appointment if I didn't get a cab now," he said. "Matt Murdock," he added, introducing himself.

"Jean Grey," she replied. "Doctor."

"Do you practice there?" he asked her.

"No, I usually work out of the Xavier School For Gifted Children," Jean answered.

"I've heard of that, you've got some good people working there," Matt replied.

They made casual conversation as the cab made its way through the city streets, two strangers who had no need to talk but somehow seemed to find a lot to say. Some of it was odd, Jean picking up on a thought, or Matt giving a new perspective because of his other senses.

"You smell like vanilla," he said, a few blocks from their destinations.

"I haven't used anything with vanilla in it today," Jean replied.

"No - then you'd smell of vanilla. You smell warm and sensual and delicious. Like vanilla," he said.

"Okay," Jean laughed softly. "I'll give you that. I don't think anyone's ever said that to me before."

"Glad to be the first," Matt murmured. "So, does the lovely Dr Grey have a Mr Grey?"

"Not exactly," Jean answered.

"Dating, married, divorced or breaking up?" Matt asked.

"Hard to explain," Jean replied. "He's seeing someone else, and I'm not into the relationship any more..."

"But you work together or something like that?" Matt guessed.

"Something like that," Jean said. She wasn't sure how they'd got onto this.

"So if I were to ask you out for coffee..."

"I'd say I had to be back at the school." She was already planning to leave him her card. She didn't care if it would look desperate.

"Damn. Can't argue with work," Matt said. "Pity..."

"Busy day," Jean nodded, though she knew he couldn't see her.

"Seems like it. I have stuff to do. But if I didn't," and he smiled then. "If I didn't, there's the prettiest - or so I'm told - outdoor café up the top of the building right between where you're headed and my office. And I'd take you up there and buy you anything you wanted."

"What if I wanted to buy you a coffee?" Jean asked.

"I'd tell you that you could get the second one, but my dad always taught me to be the first to pay," Matt answered.

"Then I'd let you," Jean said. She was almost sad that the cab was pulling up to the building she had to get the papers from. She then slid her card into Matt's pocket, before stepping out of the car.

"Goodbye," Matt said, settling back for the short drive down the street.

"Au revoir," Jean replied. If things went as she hoped, they would meet again.

Walking into the building, Jean presented her ID. She had to wait a few moments, and her phone rang. It was Scott, and apparently there had been some kind of lab accident at the mansion. No one was hurt, and there was no major damage, but Jean wouldn't be able to get back for at least a couple of hours, the roads were clogged with emergency workers right then. She agreed and thought she might go back to the hospital and check on her patient, and find a way to fill in the afternoon.

After getting the papers, on impulse, Jean decided she had time for lunch first. And Matt had recommended the café. For just a moment, she considered going to his office, but he had probably already started back to work, and how could she say she just wanted to talk to him? Especially as she could admit to herself that she might like more than just talking.

Heading up to the rooftop, Jean smiled as she stepped out of the elevator. It was pretty, the décor was lovely and the tables a good distance from each other. She was told she could take any table she wanted and immediately headed over to the far side so she could look out over the city as she ate. Ordering a salad and coffee, she relaxed, but did wish she had company - maybe Storm would like to check this place out sometime. She picked up the book she'd brought with her for the long car ride, and had just opened it up when she heard a familiar voice.

"You still smell like vanilla... and I thought you had to go back," Matt said.

"Change of plans," Jean said, calmly. "Thought you'd be buried in paperwork by now..."

"A man has to eat," Matt answered. "I could've ordered a sandwich in, but I didn't. So was I right?"

"It's very pretty and seeing you're here, I hope you're going to join me."

"I'd like that," Matt smiled. He used his cane to find the chair and sat.

Jean smiled. "Could I see what you look like without the glasses?" she asked, softly.

Matt took them off, revealing brown eyes, and a handsome face. Jean looked, unabashedly, and decided she liked his looks, but his personality was what interested her more. She sat back as Matt gave his order, and looked out over the city.

They ate and talked and laughed, and too soon the meal was done. Jean was trying to think of how to exit, gracefully, when Matt spoke.

"We could take a walk... I don't have any appointments for an hour, and maybe, if you're free, we could have dinner?" he suggested. "I'm sure you can fill in the time between..."

"I can," Jean agreed. She slipped her hand into Matt's, and squeezed.

As they were riding down in the elevator, Matt asked her if he could touch her face. Jean agreed, but they waited until the elevator stopped and found a bench, slightly out of the way of the crowds of people walking past. Jean sat facing Matt as his fingers traced her eyes, her cheekbones, her nose and her lips, and she flushed as she saw him smile.

"I was right. You're beautiful." Matt smiled. "And you're blushing," he added as his fingers slid softly over her cheeks. "It's true."

"Thank you," Jean whispered. And on another impulse, as following them had turned out so well that day, she leaned forward and kissed Matt lightly on the lips. She felt his lips press a little harder, and smiled. She pulled back, then, and took his hand, not wanting to rush this, even if she could feel the heat moving through her body.

"Let's take that walk," she said, and stood up. "We can talk about the rest later."

Matt nodded, standing and placing his cane where he needed. "I'd like that... we have plenty of time."

They walked into the afternoon sun, smiling and talking.


Tags: daredevil, x1: x-men

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