pdantzler (pdantzler) wrote in marvel_crossing,

FIC: Seduction of the Somewhat Innocent

Title: Seduction of the Somewhat Innocent

Author: pdantzler2

Crossover: Iron Man and Spider-Man

Recipient: liliaeth

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Lots of graphic sex.

Request: Tony falls for Peter as Spider-Man, and thinks he might be interested because of Spidey's habit to flirt, even with the bad guys. He's surprised to find out that Peter's straight and sets out to convince him otherwise.

Author's Notes: Sorry, guys, I got started and I couldn’t stop with the porn. Tony made me do it. This is my first time writing explicit sex so don’t judge me too hard. This is supposed to take place after Iron Man and Spider Man 2.
liliaeth, sorry I read the prompt wrong and then it was too late to change my story. Tony meets Peter as Peter, not Spider-Man. Hope that’s okay.

I like sex – plain and simple.
Tags: iron man, spider-man

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