May 11th, 2010

Xmen: Iceman

Tentative Schedule

Okay! Enough people seemed interested that we will indeed be having the marvel_crossing ficathon again this year!

I am tentatively scheduling as follows:

Sign Ups: June 14-25
Assignments Out: First week in July
Fics Due: August 6
Pinch Hits: August 7-15
Ficathon Goes Live: August 16

For my own sanity, I'm going to change a tiny bit of what goes on behind the scenes. Mainly, if your fic isn't into me on the 6th of August, a pinch hit will go out. I do not care if *I* am the author who's late - PINCH HIT.

Last year's delays stressed me out. I think this will work better.

Also, since last year had the bizarre happening where someone sent me a draft, but never bothered to post, fics will go into a queue on the 6th, which I will open on the 16.

I have tried to work around schedules - especially if people have told me that they plan to participate and that they have conflicts, but this is about the best I can do.

DATES ARE STILL SUBJECT TO CHANGE. But they probably won't by much...

If you have any MAJOR problems with this, please let me know. :)