August 4th, 2009


Fic: "A Thousand Pages" (X-Men/Daredevil; Scott Summers and Matt Murdock; PG)

Title: A Thousand Pages
Author: tartanshell
Crossover: X-Men/Daredevil (Scott Summers and Matt Murdock)
Recipient: joanne_c, who wanted slash or gen featuring Matt and Scott interacting.
Rating: PG
Word count: 6,250
Summary: My brothers, they never went blind for what they did, but I may as well have/ In the name of the Father, the skeptic, and the Son, I had one more stupid question... You know how those Catholic boys can be. Matt Murdock gets a pen-pal.
Author's notes: joanne_c, I'm so sorry this is late! This story plays fast and loose with comics canon, but since this is movieverse, I figured I could Make Stuff Up, Dammit. ;) Takes place pre-X1, pre-Daredevil. The summary is taken from "Forgiven" by Alanis Morissette.

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