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You Get What You Need for ragingpie

Title: You Get What You Need
Author: Joanne/[Bad username: joanne_c]
Recipient: Guen/[Bad username: ragingpie]
Fandoms: Iron Man/Spider-Man
Rating: PG-13
A/N: Takes place between the two Iron Man movies, and after the events of Spider-Man 2.


Tony slid on his glasses, it was always much more discreet to scope out the room from behind them. Also he had Pepper on his arm, and he didn’t like things to look too sleazy, even if it was probably too late to save his reputation, and it wasn’t like he and Pepper were together. Still. Her back felt warm under his hand as he looked around. There were a lot of models here, and he could see quite a few who he’d already had and didn’t feel inclined to give another ride on the Stark express to. He was grateful that things like Stark express were only in his mind.

With those girls eliminated from the scoping out, Tony turned his attention to a blonde. Who wasn’t really his type, too angular. There was another blonde, but she had the opposite problem, too curvy, which he never thought he’d say about a model, but apparently it was possible. The brunette had possibilities, until he glanced between her legs and saw her dress tighten over an odd looking bulge. Either she wasn’t a completely natural woman, and Tony thought that was just fine, he just wasn’t looking for that tonight, or there was a strap-on there, and Tony didn’t bottom to his one night stands. Of course, technically, that meant he didn’t bottom at all, but he was pretty sure it only applied to one night stands. He figured he’d find out one of these days, but not yet.

The redhead. Now she had possibilities. Just curvy enough, black silk clinging to all those lovely curves, gorgeous skin that Tony wanted to put his mark on. Yes, she’d be perfect. He kissed Pepper’s hand ostentatiously and made his excuses. He even managed not to rush across the floor to her. Instead he made his way slowly, greeting a few of the girls he already knew, and greeting some business acquaintances. He got there, eventually, and oh did he like what he saw. Her skin was even lovelier close up, white and smooth and just made for his tongue and lips to slide over it. Her curves were, too, and he could imagine using her body to give her more pleasure than she’d ever known.

He should probably learn her name first, though. “Hello, I’m Tony Stark,” he said, holding out a hand.

She giggled, and instead of taking his hand, she looked at him with pretty blue eyes, and asked, “Is that like saying ‘Hello, I’m Johnny Cash’? Are you gonna play us Walk The Line or Folsom Prison Blues?”

“Depends, would it get me your name faster?” Tony shot back. “I’d be happy to borrow one of the band’s guitars.”

“I bet you can sing too,” she shook her head. “No, not this time. Mary Jane Watson,” she held out her hand. “My friends call me MJ and that isn’t an invitation to do so.”

Tony liked feisty, he really did, but he had the idea Miss Mary Jane Watson’s feistiness might just get really old, really fast. Still, she was the best possibility in the room. He turned his flirtation sensors on high.

“So tell me about yourself,” Tony said, leading Mary Jane onto the dance floor, and taking her in his arms. She felt warm and soft in his arms, and he leaned down to listen to her answers.

“I grew up in New York, started modeling in college,” she said. “And that’s all you care about, that I’m legal and available, isn’t it?” she asked. “Even if I’m not sure if I’m available.”

“You know,” Tony said, frowning. “I would think you’d know if you were available. I may not be sure, but you’d be the one to know this. Unless you have a boyfriend who’s out of town or something?” he hazarded a guess.

“Actually my boyfriend is right over there,” and she pointed to a photographer – he was holding a camera so Tony did the math - who’d started a conversation with Pepper. Tony wasn’t sure if that was a good idea or not, but the kid didn’t look like much competition for Pepper. He decided, though, that it was time to take Mary Jane out to the terrace and see if she was interested.

At least that was the plan. The kid somehow got between them, and shook his head. “Mr Stark, no. MJ is not available,” he said. “I’m Peter Parker.”

Tony knew he could take the kid – Peter. With one hand tied behind his back. Maybe it was the look in Pepper’s eyes, the imperceptible shake of her head, that stopped him. He smiled broadly. “You have excellent taste in ladies,” he said. “I’m sure you know that this is by my choice,” and he let Mary Jane’s arm go.

He decided not to try and figure out the words Peter muttered, instead offering to buy them both a drink. If it could be called saving face? He didn’t care.

One bottle of Dom Perignon later, and they were all a little looser. Pepper was actually flirting and she didn’t do that much any more, as if afraid that Tony would take it the wrong way. Or, perhaps, the right way. He smiled, watching Mary Jane and Peter holding hands under the table, feeling almost paternal toward them. They were a very sweet couple, and Tony liked them, surprisingly. Enough to ask them to lunch at Stark Industries the next day. He wasn’t sure if he or Pepper looked more surprised at that, but the enthusiasm of their acceptance made Tony and Pepper smile at each other instead.

“You know, Tony, I’d heard you were a model chaser, but I think I’m glad you picked the wrong model to chase,” Peter said as the night drew to an end, after a lot more dancing and talking – he had even taken Pepper onto the floor, and Tony had done the same for Mary Jane.

“I am too,” Tony said. “And now, I bid you goodnight. Not too early tomorrow,” he winked at them as he put his glasses on again and headed out.

Not a one night stand, but a friendship that just might be worth more. Rhodey would be proud of him. If he didn’t think Tony was losing his edge.

If he did, Tony would just have to find a way of proving he wasn’t. A trip in the suit should do it.


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