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Reminders! Deadline Approaches!

The deadline to turn in fics is Sunday the 15th (tomorrow)! Please post directly to the community. All posts should now be locked and I will open the queue when everyone has a fic.

Please make sure your headers include the following:

Warnings: (If you choose not to warn, please state that you are choosing not to warn. Oherwise, please include warnings for any major triggers. I trust your judgment.)

In the header, please include the title of your fic and your recipient (MOST AWESOME FIC EVER for Recipient).


Pinch Hits:

I have need of some pinch hitters. PLEASE let me know if you're interested and able to write a pinch hit for me. I'd really appreciate it.

Drop Outs

A few of you have asked about extensions until Monday. Take them. But if I don't have fics by Monday, or an email swearing that a fic will be up by Tuesday, there will be a pinch hit sent out. Go ahead and post your fic if you finish it and consider your recipient a very lucky individual!
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