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The Usual Unusual Night for xenokattz

Title: The Usual Unusual Night
Author: rocaw
Recipient: xenokattz
Crossover: Iron Man/XO:Wolverine
Characters: Pepper Potts, Remy LeBeau, Victor Creed, Tony Stark
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Author's Notes: For xenokattz! I really hope you like it! =D  Prompt: Remy is hired to steal something important from Stark Industries. Pepper gets in the way. Takes place between Iron Man and Iron Man 2 and sometime before Gambit shows up in XO: Wolverine. Many thanks to mwffj for the beta and to comeon_eileen for being awesome! =)


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Xmen: Brand
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And we are a GO!

All stories should be live and accounted for! If for any reason you do not see a fic that should be here (either you wrote one or the one for you is MIA), please let me know ASAP.

Also, I believe I have given everyone posting access again, but if you delete and repost and it goes back into the queue, I will approve it tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for everything. I really appreciate it. Special thanks to my pinch hitters! You all rock!
carl by cassandrah

Masks for joanne_c

Title: Masks
Author: cousinshelley
Recipient: joanne_c
Fandoms: X-Men/Spiderman
Rating: Probably a very soft R
Warnings: Mild language, adult situations
A/N: This is set before the first X-Men and before the first Spiderman, assuming that those times mesh up. Scott is a bit younger than in the films, and mutants are a given in the world of Spiderman. It's also set early enough that Erik is still at the school. I don't know if Scott and Jean would have been old enough to teach there at that time, but hey, let's pretend. Thanks to patih and thulemir for reading and making suggestions!

Specific Request: Norman Osborn/Scott Summers (slash or gen), Jean Grey. Scott comes to Norman for some funding help. They discover more in common than they ever expected to, friendship (or more) comes out of  it. I'd prefer this set pre-Spiderman movie but that's not essential. I'm completely open to threesome dynamics with Jean as well, or dealing with her in a good way if it goes to slash. (Again, I want this to be about Norman, not the Green Goblin.)

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carl by cassandrah

Supergirl for wizefics

Title: Supergirl
Author: cousinshelley
Recipient: ficwize
Fandoms: X-Men/Wolverine and Kick Ass
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language
A/N: This takes place after the end of both X2 and Kick Ass, and pretends they took place at about the same time. Thanks to patih and thulemir for giving it a read and making suggestions!

Specific request:  Wolverine and Hit Girl. Gen please!  Or at least no relationship with Hit Girl without aging her significantly!  I'd love a story where Wolverine runs face to face with Hit Girl, who makes him recall all the young kids he's trained and wonders if he's crossed the line.  Shenanigans welcome.

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diana prince

Fic: Jubilation Lee: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D (X-men/Iron Man) for second_batgirl

Title: Jubilation Lee: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D
Author: wabbitseason
Recipient: second_batgirl
Fandoms: Iron Man, X-men movies
Words: 1,688 words
Rating: PG
Summary: Nick Fury gets a new intern and she's not at all what he bargained for.
Characters: Nick Fury, Jubilation Lee, Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: None
Author's Note: I was a little fast & loose with the timelines here. This is set during Iron Man 2 and the first two X-men movies have already taken place. The only thing I took from the third movie was McCoy's job.

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XM: Rogue - is a lady

A Girl's Gotta Do

TITLE: A Girl's Gotta Do...
RECIPIENT: likeadeuce
MOVIES: Daredevil/Iron Man 2
REQUEST: Daredevil/Black Widow -- Boxing, a missing document, perfume. Shippy preferred, but sexual tension, matching of wits is also awesome. Feel free to use comics canon or ignore it -- I'm only vaguely familiar with their comics verse history.
SUMMARY: Sometimes, Natasha Romanov hated her job. And sometimes, it's most... satisfying. Also featuring Tony Stark because he's an attention hog.

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Common Cause for a_q

Title: Common Cause
Rating: PG-13
Author: likeadeuce aka Karabair
Written for a_q in marvel_crossing
Prompt: Female characters & a team-up
Fandom: X-Men movieverse/Iron Man movieverse
Characters: Raven Darkholme (Mystique), Natasha Romanova (Black Widow)
Word count: 1,305
Disclaimer: These characters belong to FOX and Marvel and God knows who else, but certainly not me.
A/N: We don't really know anything about movie-Natasha's background, yet, so I've invented one loosely based on the comics. God knows if any of these assumptions will turn out to be true.

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